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GRX3 is a Minecraft community. Currently we are hosting a pure vanilla Mojang server. This server was first online in October of 2019 and continues to be developed and worked on by the GRX3 staff.


PLAY.GRX3.COM is currently using Minecraft version 1.15.2

We are using our own custom RCON server scripted bot to facilitate server functions. Her name is Foxy.

You can see her commands or try it out yourself

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About GRX3

GRX3 first entered the world presence in Nov 29th 2009 and has been owned by the same owner ever since. For over a decade now GRX3 continues to bring forth creativity. grx3 history founded

From 2009 - 2014 GRX3 was a web design and development company that served over 230 clients on all continents, sans Antartica. Working with small business, individual clients, up to multi-national billion dollar companies. grx3 history Minecraft

Arriving late to the Minecraft world in 2014 GRX3 took time off from the development world to begin customizing Minecraft Servers, Minecraft mini-games, and managing staff.

It started out as a small single server running Mojang's finest back when it wasn't under Microsoft's control and EULA was just a word.Did I know what I was doing? Not really, hit share multi-player button one day and had people playing with me, kinda fun. grx3 history Servers

In 2015, it seemed that people really liked GRX3's Minecraft Server and a community formed around it. We had many folks that wanted to help out and were mainstays to our slowly developing Minecraft network. It wasn't long until I started dabbling in Spigot, and plug-ins, adding Land Claims, User Homes, World Guard, World Edit, developing massive buildings, games, devoting entire servers to mini-games and more. Four servers were put together and the community was well behind this simple server turned Minecraft Network. grx3 history NET

Nearing the end of 2015 version 1.9 is coming out, we moved all our servers which was totaling 12 Minecraft servers under a single name all using bungeeCord and various back-ends, Spigot, Mojang, even Bukkit. We averaged 20-30 online at a given time, had over 30,000 players on the books and a staff of 7. This was the golden time, but it was all about to change. grx3 history Golden

Who knew this would be the last design of

notch will sell

Version 1.9 came a lot of changes, not much upgrading features in the game as behind the scenes. For those that were following Notch, he threw out a number some time ago about what it would take to buy Minecraft. Well Microsoft apparently paid attention. reaction to price for minecraft

In my opinion it might of not been all bad, except for what was also happening at the same time. Mojang was releasing notices about the EULA, which quickly became the acronym and no longer the word it once was. Server owners everywhere posting that they are pretty sure we can't continue to even get donations if they decide to enforce the License Agreement. If there were no donations, running 12 Minecraft servers at $100/month/server was just not going to be an option for me.

After the buy out from Microsoft and Notch leaving, we got a "little" clarity and direction from Mojang on what this EULA meant. It came in the form of if you are giving folks unfair advantages, or allowing them to get items/ranks/etc not otherwise obtainable in-game then you are breaking the Agreement. Apparently this was to curb the owners charging $400 for a single in-game item. We were saved, and had no problems with the changes, thankfully.

However if that wasn't enough, a buy out, a change of how we pay for the network, internally we started having staff issues with some of our best staff. It seems they lost their way and were handing out extras to their buddies. After a temporary suspension of privileges, that staff member choose to start their own server and vulture our users. In my private life, I was dealing with a parental figure that was losing the battle to Cancer. Most the user-base however didn't know and I wasn't very vocal about private issues. To recap the coming of th end of GRX3 version 1, Company switching hands, Economic EULA problems, Staff Issues, a death of the owner's parents, too say things were going to change is an understatement.

I slowly started letting folks know that a major change for our network is going to be happening, and more than likely we will have to be shutting down, knowing what the personal changes meant. Late that year she lost to Cancer. The wayward staff member had successfully pull a small portion of our group, and although donations were going strong, the end was nigh. Lastly the housing was of course an issue. I had to sell the house to pay off probate and settle end of life business. We were up until the power went out. Thankfully as mentioned we saw it coming and posted the Entire GRX3 Minecraft network all 40GBs in part files on our site for folks to download, which many did.

2016 goes dark, disappears.

What this, it's over? Not true. Our community did not die, grx3 history revival GRX3 Fitting Video for the Time

I get wind that a few of the staff members, long time users, and devoted community members have banded together to keep the name alive and built their own server. Even attempting to resurrect the old G,R,X,3 from the server files given. PlanetMinecraft was a buzz once again with GRX3 Minecraft news.

My life went through some much rapid change I didn't even own a computer anymore. I manage to get a hold of a computer, and talk with one of the staff at the time. Tt was nice to see who was in took over, and how it was going. Sadly they didn't have the same user base, which spoiled keeping it going. It's hard when you want to see folks but they don't even know it exists under a different address.

Another dark period, we are somewhere in 2017, wandering lost...

Starting 2018, Minecraft community is back up for only a month though. I managed to be living off a Rasberry Pi Model B+ that couldn't even run Minecraft but allowed me to at least setup a server, a chat, and see what if anything after so many years was there. It was clear our community was scatter among all the other servers. Our once #1 ranks servers and highly rank network has laid down in it's cemetery to wander haunting users. Unplugged.

2019 rolls around, life is such that I have my own accommodations, been working a "normal" job but have a good amount of steady income that allows me to setup GRX3 yet one more time. After having years of experience now, with GRX3 and other Minecraft spin-offs not mentioned here, I knew what it would take to get a server up, running, and stay running with little cash, supervision or time. Mind you I still work an entire work week, do my side job then look at GRX3 in my spare time. Now it's on a dedicated server box, decked out for performance, has essentially it's own dedicated internet connection, and an additional web host that is piggy backing on my own business's hosting. Things look promising.

Nearing the end of 2019 we have a very small community of folks that come on regularly. A group of voters that keep up us in the top 10 for vanilla, and 1 vanilla server. We are entirely free to play, only excepting donations for purely sake of donating. Building slowly back up all the mini-games, the daemon scripts, and many of the highly loved features of our old Minecraft network. Many plans in the works, still seeking great staff members, and a few old faces still came around now and then. Overall it's been a great ride, and I look forward to more chapters, exciting or not.

About Play dot

PLAY.GRX3.COM arose from the issue that Minecraft server listers wouldn't accept our name with only four letters for the domain, as being too small. After trying MC dot for a short period of time it made sense to use the PLAY dot sub-domain for our Minecraft Server. As it was in 2014 still today in 2019 when we setup up they still won't accept the smaller name. As frustrating as it is the name is stuck and forever will be.

Server Spawn

grx3 foxy Bird's eye view of where you spawn. This is an island seed and we started with just a tiny 10x12 island and built on and just keep building. You can see FOXY our mascot and original bot. We have since then stop using foxy as we have decided to develop using GRX3 MC Bot instead that is our open source development branch for Minecraft RCON daemon scripting using i-notify and server log parsing.

grx3 pyramid parkour One of the many games we are known for but my personal favorite is Parkour, in particular our pyramid Parkour. Just recently finished and, as was with the first pyramid, the reward at the end is great. It includes a group ranking which gives you access to special commands of invisibility, and a 1 time durability flaming sword that replenish using the command. You have a single Minecraft evening to complete the first 3 levels, IF you make it to the forth there is a checkpoint that you can return to. As of writing, no one has beat it, no one has made it to the first checkpoint :D.

grx3 pyramid parkour transition If you dare enter, you will see this transition scene into the underground of the Pyramid. Let's face it, you will probably see it more times than you want after dieing.

grx3 pyramid parkour see through A glimpse from spectator mode what your up against. See that level 2? Entirely without light, thank fully we removed most mobs for you. Ever Parkour in the dark? Ever Parkour in the dark where you have 20 seconds to make 10 jumps perfectly? Good Luck!

grx3 defy island It's quite possible the pyramid is too hard for you. Try this other GRX3 Minecraft variation. Defy Island. Part Parkour, part puzzle, part survival mob. It's a little mini game all to itself. It has it's own prep course that is above ground. If you make it through that you are ready for the underground located in the tower. 3 levels all very colorful and thought provoking.

grx3 sushi It can be hard as Minecraft player on GRX3. All this deadly jumping around. Time to relax with a lovely bowl of rice and fish, why not at the underwater Sushi bar? Best of all served raw! Yum.


As it is now we currently have plenty of staff for what small group of folks that do come on, most of them well behaved. We are however always taking on new folks for our Minecraft Family. You should first love Minecraft, and second know what GRX3 is, was, and want to be a part of the future of the community. We of course have no idea what the future holds but we have something solid that we can stand behind now, and it's not going anyway anytime soon. Feel free to email and tell us a little about why choose you.


PLAY.GRX3.COM runs on a Poweredge 2019 Dell server model. It has tons of space 1TB raided plus weekly/daily back ups that are off-server, and off hosting entirely. As of right now we have plenty of RAM, I believe it's around 32GB, but if we come close to it will just upgrade it to the max. It has it's own dedicated fiber cable directly to it with the latest gee whiz bang tech routing. We are running Ubuntu server with Mojangs latest and greatest. Someone's compiled RCON script which seems to be the standard, same with Votifier. We use a i-notify tool suite to handle file checking which is some overhead but only noticeable if you know what your looking at. We switched from SQLite3 to JSON files which was significant performance boost. runs on probably a Dell Poweredge, but is hosted by goDaddy, which we have been with since 2009, and I've been with since 1998. It's pretty standard as shared hosting goes, nothing dedicated for the website. Great for this size of Minecraft community.


Foxy is the official GRX3 mascot, but why? What? Well if you read our history there was a downtime for us after 2015 in which I wasn't around Minecraft for several years. With the passing of the parental figure someone had to take care of her dog. A small Pom named Foxy. That detail was left to me. Fast forward to 2019 and I'm starting Minecraft in the 1.15 era and all the changes I had no idea. Running the Minecraft GRX3 world and I find this great place to call home and some funny looking mobs I've never seen before. Foxes! Not to mention Pandas? Anyway it seemed fitting because this Pom named Foxy, looks a lot like those boxy foxes in game. Thus Foxy was the name of the first scripted bot for the new GRX3, which I guess we should call version 3? So now she has a permanent home in game next spawn despite retiring the bot.


Please suggest away. If there is something that would make your experience better, or you would like us to try out. Let's us know. We have the space, the server, and sometimes the time :)

I started this back up mainly for myself and a way to hopefully reconnect with some folks, but it's true that it's more fun with folks like yourselves. Ultimately the server, the network, the website is for the community. I could easily just play on my own, but it's out there on the web for everyone to enjoy. You make or break the Minecraft community, barring of course literally the server breaking :D

Outlook for GRX3 v3

grx3 secret commands Who know's what our GRX3 Minecraft server holds for you? Okay, well I do. :D There are secret commands, mini-games, Parkour, secret portals to different worlds, hidden roller-coasters, secret areas, and music! If you ever get tired of just grinding away on your own projects there are plenty of stuff to explore and find out. As always we are constantly building new places, games, and commands for you to enjoy yourself with.


GRX3 vanilla is going on hiatus for a while. Below I've included the entire world file for you to download if you still want to be able to access the world and play around with what was built. It's the latest server backup as of 4-20-2020 when after much effort and time spent I decided it was best to take it down. I had no extra time to be a moderator and community liason for folks, despite efforts with our current bot it was still not up to the standard I felt I could do, so in the interest of keeping GRX3 reputable I decided to take down the vanilla version of our server.

Download GRX3 (1.6GB)

What's Next

I have to devote time to other projects but that is not to say that I still don't have in mind what is going to be developed for GRX3. I have envisioned a special type of server that is similar to our old Bungeecord server but it will be built entirely in Mojang's vanilla Minecraft install. I do believe I'm going to do away with traditional survival mode in lieu of our custom games. When this is going to happen and how long before you can get back on play is still to be determined. The time frame entirely relies upon how fast other projects get done and I'm once again avaliable to devote time to GRX3. Till next time!