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GRX3 is a minecraft community. Currently we are hosting a pure vanilla mojang server. This server was first online in October of 2019 and continues to be developed and worked on by the GRX3 staff.


Current using minecraft version 1.15.2

We are using our own custom RCON server scripted bot to facilitate server functions. Her name is Foxy.

You can see her commands or try it out yourself


GRX3 is developing and with any good development you plan out ahead of time what you want then you complete it to general map. This is GRX3's roadmap, detour map will be at the ranger's station.

See what we have already done. Releases

March 2020

  • Rail Network will be slowly progressing
  • Spawn Dragon Coaster will be nearing completion
  • Pyramid Parkour Released
  • Log Parser will be released.

April 2020

  • Rollercoaster completed
  • Hopefully nether rail network will be coming along
  • Foxy version 2.0 will be complete

May 2020

  • Developer's Break. Mainly expect maintence releases as we take the month off

June 2020

  • Summer of Quests: Beginning of the quest system
  • Rally's will also be released as well

This would conclude Q2 '20 and should bring us into summer break. Check back as we will constantly update this page.

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