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GRX3 is a minecraft community. Currently we are hosting a pure vanilla mojang server. This server was first online in October of 2019 and continues to be developed and worked on by the GRX3 staff.


Current using minecraft version 1.15.2

We are using our own custom RCON server scripted bot to facilitate server functions. Her name is Foxy.

You can see her commands or try it out yourself

Pyramid Parkour v2


Pyramid Parkour version 2

If you been around for the original this is version 2. Much like the original focuses on hard well timed jumps, puzzle rooms, secret passages, and of course surprise endings with a handsome reward.

Spectator Shot of Near Ending of Construction of Level 1

pyramid parkour level 1 construction level 2 construction
  • Where is it?Next to spawn under the giant GRX3 sign
  • When is it open?Just like the old version, only at night does it open
  • How many levels is it?4 levels in total
  • How long does it take?Should take about an hour to complete
  • When will it be released?Sometime before spring break 2020
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