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GRX3 New Spawn

After some encouragement from friends it was decided that GRX3 could not go down as having just a point in the trees as spawn. We have taken time in the past to build great spawn areas and this should reflect some of that known skill. Instead of an announcement of completion like we normally do we are going to show a progress chronologically of how we proceeded to build spawn.

Spawn Pad - The beginning

spawn pad

Cleared out a 42 block radius area and put down some Diorite blocks, initially had no idea what we are building but knew it needed to be round. Stacked them high enough to keep mobs, and camper players away. A small half cylinder took shape, and of course it needed lighting. Redstone lamps around the outside, and Sea Lanterns on the inside completed the fledgling's spawn look.

A sapling forms


Had some issues with folks spawning under the pad thus we cleared out underneath, added some water features to get to the top. We all agreed we like green things, trees and such thus started to build a tree. A moat took shape around the spawn pad and it started to look like a spawn. Added a few barrier blocks so we can make that ladder look like a traditional tree house rope ladder, adding a nice little path all the way to the top.



Branches are breaking free


At this point I'm reading around the net what folks have done, and read a great treehouse article on I looked over that and it said it took them three months, mainly to do the leaves of the tree try and getting them right. I felt we are going to build a treehouse and it's going to look better and take less time. But as with most things, ideas change. I will agree leaves however do seem to take the most time, and after this build I realize what it takes to make trees. All types from Dark Oak's to Acacia.

Commands as July 11, 2020


As we are building spawn, grx3mcbot is getting updated. We certainly have many more Commands now but these are the basic commands as of part way through the build. GRX3mcbot is a RCON/Log Parser that runs in Bash/PHP. It was heavily overhauled for Minecraft 1.16. Adding the ability to read NBT data, but we also give the users commands to control the entire world, their nickname, and get free stuff!

Creepers spur creation


Up till this point we were thinking of making it a Treehouse build but then this patch of ground got debeautified by a creeper explosion. In cleaning it up we started building houses to make the otherwise lighting job not stick out. Hard to light an area only and make it look like your not trying to just light an area. This small change took the spawn in a whole new direction. Instead of the treehouse, it will now be more like the reverend tree and a town built around it. Maybe blue monkey's will come around.

A week into...

week view 1 week view 2

About a week into our build there are now several houses appearing and a church. It's at this point we got the idea, why not have the KJV bible available online. We have done trivia, jokes, and all kinds of books in the past, but not the bible. !bible command was added at this point. We used this ready available JSON-bible on Github. Worked out well, having it broke down by books made it really easy to integrate.



As of today July 25th 2020


We have 25 buildings, a dungeon cellar, a dock, 2 mine shafts, 5 main paths leading to and from town, a Nether portal and 3 bridges. Observatories, greenhouse, church, blacksmith, brewer, 4 farm patches, a beekeeper, 3 gardens, and many buildings with stuff to explorer.

A list of 23 user available commands, 5 commands to find exploring, and many secret commands. Membership for loyalty, play on the server regularly, get a membership for playing. Perks come with it.


We are going to continue to fuss over spawn but as of now the major construction is done. There are plans for several more buildings, lot of little details that need to be looked over but it was fun build that took roughly two weeks to complete. Learned a lot about trees, a lot about the new blocks in 1.16, and things I never knew about mobs. We now enjoy our daily pillager's that show up as well as Enderman just dropping dirt blocks on the spawn pad. Most of all, foxy is glad to be back.



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