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Castle Build

Minecraft Castle Build

Marvelhawk's build

marvelhawk castle build

We are starting Best of Build (BOB) on grx3 and to provide an example of what that might be and look like Marvelhawk decided to show us an example with his Castle recently built. It's entirely made out of cobblestone and darkoak. Mining the cobblestone alone took roughly 2 weeks as it was with initial tool sets, mostly iron/stone pickaxes. After traveling all over near-spawn of grx3, came to rest on this nice place that happen to be Amplified terrain in the middle of the desert with a wonderful sky island.


The area looked great and it had a desert temple, an abandoned nether portal and he had 13 double chests of cobble to start building. No real plan to think of other than wanting to build a castle, and utilize all this recently mined cobblestone, it was time to lay out what a castle might look like.

castle layout

Knowing castles usually consist of a few towers and a base, built two similar two size circles that basically conformed to the land. then flatten most the top of the sky island to come to a basic layout for what will be a cobblestone base. Sure could of smelted the cobblestone and made stone castle, but we didn't want it to blend in, wanted it to kind of stand out from the normally stone.

castle towers foundation

Building these towers we learned that, building from the bottom up, is easiest. Highly recommended you build a base below the tower and build up, rather than try to scaffold around the circle and build down from the level. There were no deaths at this point, but scaffolding on the first tower made the the process incredibly slow. Building a base on the second up reduced the build time drastically.

completed towers between towers different angle

Another thing learned building this that even though we are in the desert, phantom's will still come by in bad weather. We are at 200 y a drop off of 130+ on both sides fighting flying turpins.... Certainly something had to change. We created !day, and !clear command at this time. It just seemed unreasonable to constantly jump off the wall, run to the bed, and then go back out to the wall. Not that we didn't battle that way. It was a valiant effort put forth before calling it inane to continue this way.


Part of the great thing about building up high is the view. This is the view from our castle. Below is the farms we built out of necessity. All the high wire building acts needing a break on the ground, not to mention food and supplies. The desert temple made a great little center piece to the area as well.


After all is said and done, this castle build not complete is progressing well. Been over two weeks into this build and we have a farm, tree farm, plenty of spawners, below there is an abandon Mineshaft that you know dead ended into a stronghold. Opened up the nether portal and basically all that we need is right there. Now to decorate and add furnishings.

done More Images of GRX3 Minecraft Castle Build

Castle build fly through


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