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GRX3 is a minecraft community. Currently we are hosting a pure vanilla mojang server. This server was first online in October of 2019 and continues to be developed and worked on by the GRX3 staff.


Current using minecraft version 1.15.2

We are using our own custom RCON server scripted bot to facilitate server functions. Her name is Foxy.

You can see her commands or try it out yourself

User Hall

Significantly progress has been made on the new user hall. What is a user hall? It's a place where we as a community can recognize users and play. Currently there are several categories that receive their heads placed on our esteem wall.

Here are but a few of those categories:

  • Furthest Traveled
  • Most Votes
  • Chatty
  • ... many more come see

Where is it at?

By spawn in the water, just swim on down, you will see the magma cubes. Forgot where spawn is? !spawn in chat.


As we progress this user hall will contain most of the status and updates of GRX3 so it will be a good idea to check back there from time to time as well as this page.
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