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Maybe we are keeping up with the Jones, maybe our .net is being held for ridiculous price, maybe just our last video made us realize how often we say "have fun". Thus, we purchased and pointed it to the same place is pointed to. For the time being both address will be up and relevant. Eventually play dot will be taken down.

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A nice view from the evening of the GRX3 spawn, next to the world tree. How nice does Diorite look? Sea laterns, quartz, chiseled, smooth, some dark oak and warped planks.

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The intention is to continue to add buildings around spawn right now a Fair Trade building is under way and there is plans to use the space next to the green house. It looked so much better at night then it did during the day from this far up, some views a normal user will never be able to get.

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GRX3.FUN is nice to be small again. X.GRX3.COM on some minecraft list servers was "too small" and rejected, and we had to run with the for while. Thankfully most of these servers have updated and even allow the new TLDs. GRX3.FUN

Commands for GRX3.FUN Castle build on GRX3.FUN

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