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Design Server

Many questions come to mind now given what we have been through when it comes to setting up a server.

  • What kind of Minecraft Server?
  • What platform to target?
  • Where should it be hosted?
  • Who are we entertaining?
  • Why should we do it?
  • Do we have the time to commit?
  • How do we rule, Moderate?
  • Expectations to come?
  • What will spawn look like?
  • What will the sub-domain server name be?

What kind of Minecraft Server?

Honestly this is my favorite question, makes me think of all the wonderful servers I've been. Also the not so... Vanilla, Prison, Factions, Mini-games, and the lot. The giants of Mineverse, Hive, and the works.

Bringing back to what kind we choose it generally comes down to the following "two":


This particually point spans most the questions above but if we choose Vanilla, we are sticking with the mojang, microsoft world. This means the only "modifications" we can make come through datapacks, commandblocks, and rcon scripting. We have explored all of these, even developing a sophisticatedmc bot to do some things we just couldn't without spigot,bukkit, and the like.

Even still with the power of linux scripting outside mojang, we are locked into a platform target which requires a dedicated shell. The bot basically won't install on your generic ggservers, mchost types.

Now the division is of course between Microsoft, and Open Source other solutions. The only reason this choice becomes an issue is as to where we choose to target and how our advertising would go. More on this later.

What platform to target?

Now that minecraft is expanded outside of the Java world, this decision has more bearing than before. Java/Bedrock/Mobile is quite the batch of stuff to setup. My personal favorite is the Java version as the others just seem derivate works having a small footprint etc than the JAVA expanded world. But the ability to pick up Xbox users, or mobile players has it's draw.


The wonderful power of Java is it runs the same on any machine you put it on. Now I found it sad that they chose to monetize it by taking that away from all of us, but the fact is Java runs, on Xbox, Phones, Linux, Windows, everywhere. Still that being said when we say platform we meant the two major choices out there. For me it's a non-choice but it still comes up. Windows or Linux.


Linux I feel way more comfortable in and find the access to the command line enticing enough. Although I know it can be done being able [in windows] to send a command to install packages through a minecraft chat, hard to beat.

Where should it be hosted?

This question is a lot more complicated than the box below but we are simiplify due to our experience.


If you didn't know, we achieved almost #1 status with a box stuck on a cable modem in my garage. This would be what I would say was self-hosted. It worked. Decent speeds if you lived near us. The real issue came down to it's completely unprotected. The cable company won't give a * if someone DDOS your ip. Trying to Cloud-Flare, RProxy, etc just doesn't prevent someone from doing such.

Now self-hosting, also encompasses buying co-lo and sending them a box. This is a great way, and an expensive way.

Finally there is other, again if you read our history, you would know we got lucky. A fellow at a hosting company took a special interests in us and gave us an amazing deal (basically an entire server for cheap). If dedicated as in you own the shell up, this is a great way to go and you would have no issues what you choose, mojang or other. Anything you run will work.

Now if you are going shared, well you are locked in to a type, a jar file, and limited extras you can do. Some you have FTP access and you can upload and script a bit, but yeah this is really just for getting your feet wet. Good for a friend or two.

Who are we entertaining?

Really should of been the first question. Goes to heart of why are we doing this? If you looking to entertain yourself then you can pick whatever you want right? If you are looking to tune it for a select group of folks, or the general population? Looking only to build maps, or hunting live streaming crowds? Private or Public. Whitelisted or not?

Why should we do it?

I've been troubling myself with this question for a while. Again, doing anything for yourself is generally the best way to go. You will find if you like it, chances are others will too. But is this a good answer to Why? Another factor that weighs, is that JAVA version is audience is dwindling. The best version of minecraft, is basically getting less because the way they have segregated the market. If you are looking to do it for the general population or gain masses, might want to thing about having three versions of whatever you are doing. Put up that bedrock server!

Do we have the time to commit?

The answer is always no. I don't care how much time you have, just don't. You don't. Took a team of 7, most did not sleep, almost a year of tireless countless work, 365/24/7 to get where we were. NOW, if you just want to setup for you and your bud. Or perhaps you cross-stiching group, yeah setup and forget it. But anything public, it requires looking after. More so than a house plant.

How do we rule, Moderate?

Awesomely, no doubt.

Expectations to come?

I do not want to blow hot air in places cool air should be. Seriously what happens most the time, dismal out turn. Swastikas and penises.(SP Plural?) Destruction and script kiddies. But it should be fun.

What will spawn look like?

Well if you haven't notice this is not really a guide, more a this is the decision we made and here are the lay of the land. Have we thought it through... YES. I have in the near time to come will supply some initial ideas on what the spawn might look like. Is this going public, no idea. When? couldn't tell ya. But YES.

What will the sub-domain server name be?

... huh? ...

Just kiddin. We know all the server list companies can't handle out small server name..... I'm thinking [traditional fitting]. But who knows play, x, 3, R. FTW? could be anything at this point!






November 2022

Intial rumblings of what we might be doing. Have a box ready to go, brand new install. Might be setting up something. More to come.

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