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GRX3 is a minecraft community. Currently we are hosting a pure vanilla mojang server. This server was first online in October of 2019 and continues to be developed and worked on by the GRX3 staff.


Current using minecraft version 1.15.2

We are using our own custom RCON server scripted bot to facilitate server functions. Her name is Foxy.

You can see her commands or try it out yourself

Defy Island

A mini-game that has multi-levels that is played in survival on the play server, built by our team, a great diversion from normal

What is Defy Island?

It's parkour, it's adventure, it's mini-game within the GRX3 play world.

Where is it?

From Spawn you can see it at sunrise, positive X, east of spawn. You will see a castle stone brick structure this is the "entrance" to defy Island. defy island from spawn
just outside the entrance

How do I know where the start is?

Easy, after a long swim, barring no drowning you will see this. entrance to the levels of defy island on grx3

Can I see what I'm up against?

Sure we will have a video coming soon but here are some sample pictures.

Start of a level

start of a level

Inside a level

inside a level

What do I get if I complete it?

Points most certainly, but there is rumor of a new weapon and even a server command exclusive to members that beat all the levels.

How can I beat all the levels?

You will need patience and time.

Is there more than what is available?

Currently we are working every week at developing a new part of defy island in the hopes to make it larger and more engaging. Once you complete a level you will be able to at any time start at the beginning at the next level with a server command. We will continue to develop new levels until all the space on the island is filled!
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