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On GRX3 we use grx3mcbot. Which is an RCON/Log Parser component we built to read chat and facilitate commands. Commands are available to all users. There are no "donation" or pay to play commands. Some commands do require you to have played on the server a while to earn a Loyalty membership, or you may have to vote to use them. Not all server commands are shown here as some are found by exploring the world, others are to be unlocked.

Normal Commands

These commands are available to all users from the start of the game

!applyApply to be a member of the GRX3 Team
!bibleQuotes random bible verses or specific
!bookGRX3 starter book (get one)
!clearSets server weather to clear
!colorChanges the color of your name, and entities
!commandsGives a summary of commands, paginated or full list
!daySets server time to day
!delhomeClears your current home location
!dieRequest a kill command from server (suicide)
!feedbackLeave GRX3 staff a note
!feedmeFood for voters
!helpInitates detailed help system, accepts argument of a command name
!homeSets current location as home/teleports you to set location
!kitStarter Kit if you feel you need one
!loyaltyHow to be a GRX3 loyalty member
!mailMail a username on the server
!nightSets server time to night
!rallyRush to a random point on the map to recieve a prize
!rtpRandom teleports player around world
!seenThis list the most recent users to the server, and if username supplied checks last time seen
!spawnReturn to server spawn (where you first joined the server)
!thunderSets server weather to thunder
!tpTeleport to a player
!voteDisplays clickable links for voting
!votekitKit for people who have voted.
!whereamiGive x y z cords for the current logged in player

Other Commands on the server

There are secret commands that are found exploring the server as well as commands that you get for playing and obtaining the Loyalty membership ranking. Loyalty ranking is achieved by playing on the server for consecutive days. Play alot, get perks. Secret commands found exploring current are only available in and around spawn. There are 5 secret commands around spawn. You will find a sign that says !commandname and what it does when you find a command. You can then use it in chat. Obviously anyone seeing you use it will lose the chance to explore to find the command, that choice is certainly left to you.

Loyalty Commands

!boltSummons lightning, hits user if supplied
!covermeA diamond a day
!enderchestGives users enderchest, limited times
!flashBe the flash, if only a short while
!hadoukenSummons Ryu's special attack
!invizTemporarily makes you invisible
!prowlTemporarily gives you night vision
!supermanSuperman Powers, if only a short while
!unbreakableGives level 3 unbreaking to item in hand

About Commands

Commands are provided by our custom built bash/PHP scripting grx3mcbot. We have developed several commands using it and it's in it's 4th version. We have also started to incorporate client bot script that uses Node.js called mineflayer. As of currently mineflayer mainly just monitors and moderates. There are plans to have it do more in the future.

Suggest a command

We like to code, and we like Minecraft. If there is an idea you have to make the game more fun, dynamic, or just interested in seeing made, feel free to suggest it. Use the contact form and we will get back to you! Thanks again.

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