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The good news: It’s back up and 99% of the world is in-tact.

The bad news: 5 regions where regenerated as they where corrupted.   Some of you will be affected and we apologize.   It was a circumstance out of our control and we will be taking additional measure to prevent it in the future.

The problem was with NBT corruption.  In short the program misplaces information and refuses to start disorganized.  There is no way known to manually fix this problem and what has to be done is the most recent region files to be updated get deleted and the server is allowed to regenerate those from the seed algorithm of the map.

Well the worse circumstances that could of happened did.  During a routine upgrade we corrupted files within the world files and it no longer wants to load the old world.

What does this mean?

Potentially a world reset.   We have several backups, as well as some region program fixers that we will be attempt over the next several hours/days to bring it back up.   But if we can’t resolve these errors we will have to just restart fresh with a brand new world.


What happen to all my stuff?

Permissions will remain the same but your in-game items, claims, stats, all will be nullified if a solution doesn’t present itself.


Our apologizes as we did our due diligence here and have several tech’s trying to solve the problem but we are preparing you all for the worse.   We will keep you posted here, in the mean time try some of our other servers like or



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Welcome folks we have had two new servers waiting in the wings and if you haven’t heard about them you haven’t been on our network in a while then.


SS.GRX3.COM  - The latest snapshot from mojang.  See what it is with 1.8, rabbits, slimeblocks, new trampolines, etc.  Always keeping upto date with mojang snapshot releases – A survival server where you can have guns.   AK-47, Carbine, C4 all types of guns to use when trying to live life out on terrafirma.



What are we working on now?   Well we have a hub server coming soon which will link alot of our servers together for a more smooth experience but ideas we have been kicking around is Hunger Games, Prison, Factions, and more.   Be sure to constantly check us out as we will be loading more and more fun gameplay on the network!

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Creative Free Build Server is Here.
Server IP: C.GRX3.COM

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